Are you a writer? Tighten your writing with Text Distill

“Who first edits an article?” the editor-in-chief asked Grade 12 students during their career orientation.

“The writer of the article,” answered one of the students.

Yes, it’s true, the first editor of an article is the writer herself.

She does info-gathering, conducts research, fact-checks, writes, edits, before submitting her work to an editor.

An editor-in-chief or chief fault-finder does the final editing especially in large publications, say a daily newspaper or monthly magazine.

But for a writer who self-edits, she’s the first and last editor of her work.

Self-editing your article can be a daunting task, but there are tools available online that can help you edit your own work.

As a writer and editor myself, I have tried a dozen apps for tightening my writing.

One of the platforms I highly recommend is Text Distill—smart tools for text mining.

It’s super easy to use. Just copy and paste the article you’re working on or any block of text on the first box. Then choose what you want to do with the text. Results appear in the second box.

Text Distill allows you to change the text to:

  • Upper case
  • Lower case
  • Camel case

Also, as a digital entrepreneur, I find these features of Text Distill beneficial:

  • Extracting @mentions
  • Extracting #hashtags
  • Extracting emails

And for editing articles, the following features of Text Distill are handy for:

  • Finding highfalutin words
  • Analyzing text sentiment
  • Finding impact phrases
  • Analyzing writing style
  • Finding clichés

If you deal with a lot of text, bookmark on your favorite internet browser and follow its Facebook page for updates on new features as indicated in the Text Distill website.

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