Rick Concepcion on handling business deals

Rick Concepcion (@ConcepcionRick) is a son of a typical politician father of the 1940-50’s. He wanted to be an agriculturist, but as usual, parents dictate what field to study so he went for law, banking and finance.

His good grades earned him the chance to study abroad. He finished his Bachelors Degree in Accountancy and Masters Degree in Business Administration (MBA) both at New Mexico State University.

After graduation as a U.S. citizen, he chose to have a work stint in Guam. He became friends with some agricultural scientists of the University of Guam Agricultural Experiment Station & Cooperative Extension Services.

He retired from his job at the Government of Guam and worked again in California and once more retired from the Superior Court of California.

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  • Aries shares his foreword for Rick’s book titled, “My Last Shuffle: I Fought Parkinson’s Disease To A Draw — How Past Experiences Pushed My Fights To The Limits.”
  • Rick gives 7 tips on handling business deals.
  • Avoid conditional deals.
  • Deals must be arm’s length.
  • Watch for fine prints.
  • No favored relatives in business.
  • Take care of timing.
  • When doing deals don’t forget your love affair.
  • Don’t get glib virtual assistants (VAs).


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