How I come up with blog post ideas

The screen is still blank. The clock is ticking fast. Fifteen, 30 minutes, and counting. It’s still a blank screen. You’ve been trying your best. But nothing really comes out. Now you want to give up. You say it’s writer’s block. It’ll happen again next time.

Now this. What if you have a simple system in place that works every time you need to write? Yes, it’s possible. I’ve been using it for quite a while and it never fails me. You might want to give it a try. This is how it works.

You need to have a simple system for capturing blog post ideas. In my case, I use Evernote where I save working headlines for future blog posts. So the next time I need to write something, I already have a list of possible topics I could work on. This saves me time from thinking about what topic to write about when prompted with a blank screen.

The goal is to skip the blank screen, run through your list of topics you’ve captured beforehand, choose what fancies you, and you can start writing immediately.

Since I write blog posts, I optimize my headlines for intent when users search for info online. My secret weapon for doing this is by using the app Question Samurai. Question Samurai gives me an idea of what keywords users are looking for when googling, and finding YouTube videos. You can purchase Question Samurai once you avail of Vidnami—an app for creating videos.

By having this simple system in place for capturing blog post ideas, I can write fast. Topics to write about are readily available since I have captured them beforehand using Evernote. There’s no longer a need for spending long hours staring at a blank screen wondering what topic to write about. And with Question Samurai, I could optimize my headlines for search engines and YouTube.

You can try Vidnami for free. It’s the first step to getting the most out of Question Samurai.

Do you have a different method for coming up with blog post ideas? Leave your reply in the comments.

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