How to craft an irresistible offer for your sales page

Writing an emotionally appealing sales page for your product or service is harder than it looks. You need to sprinkle copy spices onto your sales page to make it sell like hotcakes.

But if you are a seasoned copywriter, you only need to focus first on one of the most important ingredients of “cooking” a sales page.

When I started writing copy that sells, I wasted so much time concentrating on the tech side that I forgot to work on the first crucial element of what makes a sales page convert.

But worry no more because I’ll help you save time by sharing with you what you should zero in on first to make your sales page emotionally appealing and get the results you wanted.

Here it is.

The first step you need to take is to craft your irresistible offer for your target niche market. Your irresistible offer must whet the appetite of your potential customer to heed your call-to-action.

Your irresistible offer must include your main offer and bonuses. Indicate their corresponding monetary value when you created them and their discounted price. Briefly explain the benefits your potential customers would get so they could make an informed decision whether or not to add your product to their cart and complete the checkout process.

To give you an actual example of an emotionally appealing and high-converting sales page, visit

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