#NoToABSCBNShutDown is trending on Twitter. I watched #ABSCBNSigningOff last night in compliance with NTC’s cease and desist order. Being a Philosophy major trained to spot fallacies, argumentum ad misericordiam (appeal to pity, appeal to emotion, the sob story, the Galileo argument) is being (over)used.

In a thread – https://is.gd/ye1Uzf – I stated that Congress cannot delegate its function to the NTC re: franchise renewal. Was the recent action by the agency correct? Of course, yes. NTC may not issue a provisional permit. To do otherwise will let ABS-CBN continue to operate until a franchise is issued by Congress, but…

What if a provisional permit was issued, but Congress won’t act on the network’s application for franchise renewal? The operation of the network becomes indefinite. It must be noted that in 2014, ABS-CBN already applied for its franchise renewal but Congress didn’t act on it.

In a recent interview, FICTAP’s president shed light on the reason why Congress didn’t act on ABS-CBN’s franchise renewal application. The network veered away from its original franchise granted in 1995 and added new parameters in its application for franchise renewal in 2014 until 2020, which if granted would perhaps justify its use of ‘black box’ and pay-per-view business model ‘killing’ the cable TV industry.

#DefendPressFreedom or #DefendMediaFreedom and blaming the government for the 11,000 employees of ABS-CBN who might lose their jobs are classic examples of argumentum ad misericordiam.

NO ONE IS ABOVE THE LAW. But we are a world of second chances. Let ABS-CBN rectify its mistakes.

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