Skills + Portfolio = Personal Brand

I’m working on a website for a client.

But after resolving a plugin issue, I decided to take a break for a while.

And share with you why I do stuff like this ‘reserved only for geeks’.

By looking at my profile pic right off the bat you’d consider me a geek.

The eyeglasses.

The eye bags.

Indeed, my friend was right, “There’s sexiness in nerdiness.”

“I coined the word nerdiness,” she added.


Going back.

I do geeky stuff to boost my personal brand.

It’s a combination of blogging, social media, and guerrilla marketing.

It’s when I attended #iBlog10 in 2014 that I started focusing on personal branding.

I kept in mind an advice from one of the speakers.

Filipino broadcast journalist, Howie Severino, shared during the event, “Learn how to write, shoot, edit video, code, create apps, and manage database.”

It’s applicable to everyone who wants to develop marketable skills.

For millennials, learn to understand how the Internet of Things (IoT) works.

And make it work to your advantage.

Because a college degree may not be enough to land your dream job.

Unless you’re a Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, or Mark Zuckerberg then you may skip K to 12, drop out of college, and MYMP.


Skills + Portfolio = Personal Brand

Having a strong personal brand requires you to work on building up your portfolio first by acquiring marketable skills.

I’ll end this post by paraphrasing a line from the movie, Taken:

I know who you are. I know what you want. If you are looking for money, I can tell you I don’t have it yet. But what I do have are a very particular set of skills, skills I have acquired over a very long blogging career. Skills that make me indispensable for people like you. If you hire me now, that’ll be the end of it. I will not look for another job, I will not pursue my other applications. But if you don’t, I will look for another one, I will find it, and I will win it.

Entrepreneurial Journey

“The question I ask myself almost every day is, ‘Am I doing the most important thing I could be doing?’” – Mark Zuckerberg

“Life is too short to spend it in a cubicle,” a burnout 9-to-5 employee once said.

He’s been thinking of quitting his job for quite a long time.

Until his most awaited day has finally arrived.

He can no longer take it so he tendered his resignation effective immediately.

From then on, his startup journey has begun.

And he said it was the wisest decision he ever made.

This story reminds me of the day I left the corporate world. But before quitting my job, I’ve already built a news and features website as my fallback and is now fully operational.

Instead of going general, I went niche blogging. I focused on writing articles about my target niche market — the game fowl industry.

With my writing career as associate editor, editor, associate publisher and editor-in-chief for game fowl magazines, I positioned myself in the industry as a source of high-value content. Because of this, The Sabong Chronicles was hatched.

The Sabong Chronicles is a news and features website that provides up to date info on what’s going on in the game fowl industry worldwide, and educates its readers in every aspect of the sport from egg to the pit.

The Sabong Chronicles is powered by Aries Chan Marketing Services — an independent privately owned company delivering holistic digital marketing services in the game fowl industry.

With the help of Aries Chan Marketing Services, The Sabong Chronicles has piqued the interest of readers looking for game fowl-related content.

When The Sabong Chronicles has been consistently reaching significant numbers of readers every month, I decided to offer advertising opportunities to key players in the game fowl industry.

Acknowledging the potential value The Sabong Chronicles could provide for their brands, companies signed up for the online advertising packages.

As a result, other companies also expressed their desire to avail of the offers of Aries Chan Marketing Services to help them manage their digital assets.

Aries Chan Marketing Services offers digital marketing strategy consultation, social media and email marketing, content creation and marketing, writing and editing, copywriting and web development for personal and corporate brands.

iBlog11: The Pareto’s Law in the Context of Blogging and the Missing Formula

Of course, we already know who’s Vilfredo Pareto. According to Wikipedia, he was an Italian economist who developed the principle named after him by observing that 20% of the peapods in his garden contained 80% of the peas. Applied to blogging, Roel Jan Manarang asserted that 80% of the result come from 20% of the effort. They mean to say that 80% must be dedicated to a blogger’s marketing efforts while 20% must be devoted to content creation.

On December 5, 2015 at #iblog11, a question was raised: Is it really 80-20? Sonnie Santos contended that content creation and marketing efforts must be 50-50. “Because when we say 80-20, it might backfire later on because the content might suffer,” he proffered. Logically, a content created haphazardly and marketed many times might not bring the desired result.

As I was listening during the Q and A portion where the Pareto Principle was brought up, I observed a pattern. There seems to be a missing formula.

When we talk about the Pareto’s Law or the 80-20 Principle, we could NOT discount the importance of the Parkinson’s Law. Again, according to Wikipedia, this law was articulated by Cyril Norcote Parkinson. The adage states that work expands so as to fill the time available for its completion. Meaning to say, a blogger must shorten his work time to be able to focus on the important. “This is,” according to Manarang, “to avoid doing the wrong things.” Therefore, the Pareto’s Law or the 80-20 Principle and the Parkinson’s Law must bind each other in marriage.


Parkinson’s Law – shorten work time to be able to focus on the important

Pareto’s Law (80-20 Principle) – focus on the important to be able to shorten work time

To wrap it up, keep in mind this lesson from Tim Ferriss as you do your content creation and marketing efforts today:

Identify the few critical tasks which contribute most to your income and schedule these to be completed with very short and clear deadlines.

I’ll end this post with a revelation: #iblog11 was a success!