Why you should exercise prudence when sharing posts from influencers online

Influencers use social media platforms to communicate with their millions of followers. Yet some influencers wittingly or unwittingly spread unverified information online. Because social media platforms are being used by some to share misinformation, misapprehension, and off the cuff remarks, I believe netizens should exercise prudence when sharing posts from influencers.

A Newsweek article stated that influencers are playing a dangerous role when it comes to spreading Coronavirus misinformation. Recently, dancer-influencer DJ Loonyo drew flak from critics online because of his incoherent statement on COVID-19 mass testing and why people should limit wearing face masks. Critics said he should have done his research first before going live on Facebook to give his take on the topic to avoid being tagged as an influencer who spreads misinformation.

Still on the issue of COVID-19 mass testing, Kapamilya actress and influencer Angel Locsin earned the ire of critics because she seemingly misapprehended the meaning of “mass” in mass testing. The government later on clarified that it should be called “expanded targeted testing” not “mass testing” to avoid confusion.

Another Kapamilya actress-influencer, Kim Chiu, became a laughing stock because of her “Law of Classroom” off the cuff remark in trying to defend her embattled ABS-CBN network. Her analogy went off like a misguided missile. Concerned netizens said she should have memorized a script first instead of going live on social media unprepared. She later immortalized her blunder through her “Bawal Lumabas” song she collaborated with music arranger DJ Squammy and singer-songwriter Adrian Crisanto.

If you have been following influencers online, it is prudent for you to think before you share their social media posts. Unverified information may go unnoticed, hence you risk your reputation by sharing misinformation, misapprehended facts, and incoherent off the cuff remarks. By exercising prudence, you will help in the proliferation of truthful information.

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