The Sabong Chronicles: Game Fowl News and Features

“Timing, perseverance, and ten years of trying will eventually make you look like an overnight success.” – Biz Stone

I wanted it to be true. My satire blog was gaining traction. Most of my articles went viral and traffic has gone through the roof. And reaching the $100 monthly payment threshold was like a walk in the park. But I wanted more.

Although considered as a literary genre, satire wasn’t my cup of tea. And remaining anonymous as a writer won’t get me anywhere. So I had to pivot with regard to content creation. I had to go away with blog posts like, “TESDA Now Offers Game Fowl Breeding 101 as a Free Course”.

The blog I was referring to was the old The Sabong Chronicles ( hosted on Blogger. Unknown to many, The Sabong Chronicles started as a satire blog. Until I decided to turn it into a real news and features website and self-hosted it on WordPress. No click bait. No fake news. No tricky headlines.

The Sabong Chronicles is an online community where sabong enthusiasts flock to read fresh and relevant game fowl news, entertaining feature stories, event reviews, and practical breeding tips. It is the virtual abode of Filipino chicken lovers and soon-to-be derby champions where they interact with staff members, contributors and fellow readers.

Because of the growing popularity of microblogging, The Sabong Chronicles has also encouraged content generation among its registered members. Each member can now share relevant and entertaining bits of information with fellow readers. Content shared by members is thoroughly screened and moderated by The Sabong Chronicles editors to make sure accuracy and netiquette are not compromised.

Previously a go-to blog only for game fowl and cockfighting enthusiasts, The Sabong Chronicles has expanded its reach and has now been touching base with anyone looking for game fowl-related information. Our readers could be the sabong fans or the backyard breeders looking for tips on how to get the most out of their chicken raising efforts.

I thought that pivoting from a satire blog to a real news and features website would have a negative impact in terms of traffic, but I was proven wrong. Not only did it attract loyal followers, but also strengthened the integrity of The Sabong Chronicles brand.

The Sabong Chronicles has evolved to become one of the premier game fowl-centric websites in the Philippines. And we remain true to our commitment of bringing game fowl-related content closer to our followers.

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