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Recently, Twitter launched audio clips in tweets on iOS. This feature allows users to add 140-second audio clips to tweets. Since today is Father’s Day, here’s how to say “Happy Father’s Day” in Tagalog.

We are living in a very trying time due to the pandemic. As a result, many people around the world are having difficulties adjusting to a “new normal”. Some even respond with rage. What are the reasons behind this rage? Find out:

Did you know there’s a more convenient way to read lengthy Twitter threads? Just reply “@threadreaderapp unroll” to a thread you want to read, and wait for a notification with a link to an unrolled version. There you have it!

@chanariesj Halo! the unroll you asked for: @chanariesj: Why you should exercise prudence when sharing posts from influencers online Influencers use… Talk to you soon. 🤖

Social media platforms are content-hungry. Feed them all until you drop or choose just a few to nurture and grow. You don’t need to be present on all channels. Take good care of the ones that lay golden eggs and starve the rest. #ContentCreation #ContentMarketing

Do you want to bulk-delete your old Facebook status updates that make you cringe? On your Facebook app for iOS, go to Activity Log > tap on Manage Activity > select the posts you want to delete > then choose Trash. That’s it!

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