9-7 Job

“Without ambition one starts nothing. Without work one finishes nothing. The prize will not be sent to you. You have to win it.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

It was in August 2011 when I officially started my job as an associate editor of Pit Games Magazine. I could still remember when I accepted my employer’s “24-hour job” challenge. I’m talking about Emmanuel “Manny” Berbano, CEO of Pit Games Media, Inc., whose work ethic is beyond excellence. If there’s one executive who works 24/7, that’s him. For almost six years working with him, I got the chance to witness his management style. He literally works around the clock, but makes a way to re-energize himself by taking naps a few times a day. I might have disagreed with him on a lot of things but that doesn’t make him less admirable as an executive. I’m grateful that I’m considerably influenced by him not only in my career, but also as a human person.

My stint at Pit Games paved the way to a network that opened up more career opportunities for me in the game fowl industry. As part of my job, I got to interview personalities involved with game fowl. Brushing shoulders with both small-time and big-time breeders and cockers during events made me feel that the industry levels the playing field for both the fortunate and less fortunate.

Traveling to different places, visiting farms and sharing the table with fellow game fowl enthusiasts made my stay at Pit Games even more enjoyable. Food makes chicken talk pleasurable, not to mention the company of co-employees who were always ready to crack a joke. Many employees dream of a work-from-home arrangement, but nothing can replace social interaction with co-employees in the office. The pep talks over coffee, birthday celebrations full of laughter, and overtime work until dawn to finish an issue of the magazine all contributed to the good memories we shared at Pit Games.

Career-wise, I also learned a lot from my chief executive editor, Alfredo G. Gabot. He’s a living testimony of a person who puts Stoic philosophy into practice. Never did I witness him get angry; he’s always calm under pressure. I used to keep all my articles that he edited with his red marks on them. I once asked him if he could refer a book for me to read to somehow improve my writing, he answered, “Read Hemingway.” I read some of Hemingway’s books and also stumbled upon a web app that serves as a grammar checker based on the writing style of Hemingway himself. You can visit the app at www.hemingwayapp.com. I still use this app up to this day.

When I was still in Pit Games, our typical workday starts from 9:00 o’clock in the morning and ends at 7:00 o’clock in the evening. Pit Games was like my second family. I’m no longer in constant contact with my former co-employees, but maybe someday, somehow, we will cross each other’s paths again and reminisce all the good memories that once in our lifetime we touched each other’s lives.

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